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Thursday, 12 March 2015

Genealogy and the Use of Online Resources by Chris Paton

For a very useful article on 'Genealogy and the Use of Online Resources' with a Scottish flavour (and with ideas on how to research further than the obvious) see

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Scotlands Places

'Scotlands Places'. We all know 'Scotlands People' for Old Parish Records and such like but 'Scotlands 

places' is far less well known. It has all sorts of tax details (servants, non-working dogs, windows and 

more) which provide primary evidence support for people living in certain places. And we are talking 

right down to the 1600s but most is 1700s - 1800s. Great for Clan Gunn genealogy research. And 

people say all Clan Gunn history is known...


More on the 1896 Clan Gunn family tree

The tree is by Captain Alexander Gunn who was an acknowledged important Clan Gunn historian. 

His father was Donald Gunn the Sennachie (Clan Gunn historian). The tree was presented to Captain 

Alexander Gunn's nephew, Alexander Gunn of Durness 1859-1945. It is legitimate to assume that 

what the tree shows about Captain Alexander Gunn's descent is accurate, especially in the more 

immediate generations, for this branch of the family given the 'historic' interests of Captain 

Alexander Gunn and his father.

Thomas Sinclair's view in his 'The Gunns' - Sinclair page 185 - 186 is that  'Captain Gunn, Braehour 

… is admitted to be, if not the greatest, at least a genuine, living authority 

on Gunn questions … It were strange if the captain had not been well posted up in all historic points, 

seeing that his father, Donald Gunn, Braehour, was the acknowledged sennachy or historian of his 

time … an unusually learned sennachy.'

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Clan Gunn Chief line - Kinbrace

I am thoroughly checking the 1896 Clan Gunn tree written by the well-known Captain Alexander 

Gunn, whose father was Donald Gunn the Sennachie of Braehour and Brawlbin. There is a lot of 

interesting and very useful information in the tree, not least the suggestion that the sister of the last 

two Chiefs (she married John Gunn in Kinbrace) may have been called Margaret. Lord Lyon

records her as 'Unknown'...

Clan Gunn castles and the Blaeu Atlas of Scotland

Interesting to see in the Blaeu 1654 Atlas of Scotland that there is no mention of Clan Gunn castles although other Ciathness / Sutherland /Strathnaver castles are detailed, including ruins. This further suggests that Gunn castles were not castles but fortified farmhouses / homesteads which is what their measurements suggests they were as well..