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Friday, 27 November 2015

Original Clan Gunn Chief - Osclay line - and the Hon. J. A. Gunn (anthrax)

I have a little earlier mentioned that Osclay Gunns are descendants of Chief Donald Crotach Gunn. Alexander Gunn of Osclay and his wife Barbara are buried in the grounds of the Clan Gunn Society Heritage Museum which is ironic given the disinheritance of this real Clan Gunn Chief line by the Clan Gunn Society, as shown by that society’s support for the newly invented third Clan Gunn Chief line.

Shown above is the Hon. John Alexander Gunn who was a noted Australian colonial scientist as he created an anthrax vaccine suitable for Australian conditions (Pasteur’s vaccine was not suitable) and who was the great, great grandson of the previously mentioned Alexander Gunn and Barbara Gunn. His life is covered in the Museum – I wonder if the display dealing with him will ever be altered to mention his forebears and their direct line of descent from the original Clan Gunn Chiefs? And would mention also be made that his descendants are the most senior living line to have always held the name Gunn from Chief Donald Crotach Gunn – and so from Coroner Gunn (or, as he is often wrongly called, ‘George Crowner Gunn’)? I suspect not, but I could be wrong…

A detailed account of the Hon John Alexander Gunn’s work can be found in Jan Todd’s Colonial Technology; Science and the Transfer of Innovation to Australia, Cambridge University Press, 1995.


Monday, 23 November 2015

Clan Gunn's Pictish origin

'the Gunns, a clan from from the far north of Scotland, are descended from Pictish tribes...' 

Page 64 Gilbert Summers, 'Traditions of Scotland' Martin Books 1991.

Time and time again one can find support for Clan Gunn's Pictish origin - in other words that Clan Gunn origin is that of being the original inhabitants (a non-kindred tribe) of Strathnaver / Sutherland / Caithness 

See for why the Clan Gunn Orkney island / Viking origin myth just doesn't work, no matter how much Clan Gunn Societies 'believe' in that myth.

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Ancient Clan Gunn Chief Osclay line

Pictured is the grave of ‘Alexander Gunn, farmer of Osclay, died 23rd January 1820 aged 68 (and) Wife Barbara Gunn died 15th February 1833 aged 73’. 

The Gunn Osclay line is directly descended from Chief Donald Crotach Gunn and I have discussed this at - descendants from this line are known, including me. It is ironic that this grave is at the Clan Gunn Heritage Centre as the Clan Gunn Society rejected this ancient, existing Clan Gunn Chief line.

A further irony is that Alexander Gunn's 1st cousin was the Reverend Robert Gunn who was for many years Minister of the Old Parish Church at Latheron, now the site of the Clan Gunn Society's Heritage Museum. One doubts that the Minister would have approved the rejection of his cousin's Gunn Chief heritage. 

For more information on the Minister see 

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

On Scottish heritage and North America

'Scottish Highland Games may be fun and entertaining, but if we are to judge them by the standards of historical accuracy and cultural authenticity, they are little more than a sham circus.

People wearing tartan kilts celebrate their Lowland Scottish ancestors who would have looked down on Highlanders for their clothing and language. Dancers – mostly children – do “Highland dancing” under the assumption that the dance form derives from Highland tradition, unaware that almost all of it was invented by 19th and 20th century urbanites projecting stereotypes about Highlanders. Clan societies give overly simplistic solutions ... that distort the histories of the very cultures they are supposed to be promoting.
Those who have had the opportunity and good fortune to explore Scotland’s real Highland heritage – that which is rooted in its native Gaelic language and culture – realize that there is a lot to celebrate that is fun, appealing and informative, but that very little of it is being represented or supported through the mainstream of Scottish heritage in North America.
Most Scottish heritage groups are simply social clubs with tartan window dressing and a splash of whisky tasting...'
Being from an excellent article with real North American interest and Clan Gunn implications, not least our Pict (and Gaelic) origin; Gunns have no Orkney / Viking link.

The full article can be found at

Clan Gunn Chief summary view

To summarise my view on the the third Clan Gunn Chief line when the first two are not extinct - 

1) An interlocutor is not a final decision in Scottish law; I note Lord Lyon Sellar's earlier interlocutor 
rejecting the Commander as Chief from a Convention. 

2) Lyon Court rulings are subject to appeal in the Court of Sessions.

3) The Court of Sessions has already rejected Lyon's ability to make any judgement on contested Clan Chiefship matters. 

4) So the Clan Gunn Chiefship matter is nothing like resolved - it now requires two legal battles rather than one before the real Clan Gunn Chief is appointed. For more detail see 

On the creation of a third Clan Gunn ‘Chief’ line, even though the first two Clan Gunn Chief lines are not extinct